This is continuation of my homemade meatball.
Of course those meatballs were done to complete this pasta dish. It goes well together...don't you think so?

This time, I used bowties pasta instead of normal spaghetti. Tried to be varieties tho :-)
How to cook? ahhh...just copycat from the bolognaise spaghetti dish...but instead of adding the mince meat into the gravy, I turned it into meatball.

Then, i prepare a 5minutes salad: sweet pea & onion salad.
I've never heard, read or seen this menu anywhere else before, I created myself :-)
but not bad tho...hahahah

Clean, rinse and steam the sweet peas for 3minutes. Put into bowl
Add sliced onion
Add salt, pepper & olive oil and mix well...
(i told's a 5minute dish)

and that's it, a complete set of my lunch menu ^__^*