Pattaya...hemmm..what can i say about this place? ermmmm..not that awesome and not that bad either. But certainly not my taste. If I've been given a choice, I won't pick this place :-P but no harm to go, see, explore & learning about other people's culture. It's definitely a place for men!!!

Pattaya is located 2hrs from Bangkok. It is developed from the bay. Initially, it was a fishing village with a lot of restaurants, bars, discotheques, hotels, spa parlours, massage centres & women!

Been there march last year and stayed at Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa which is about 10minutes from Pattaya town. Not exactly in town as town will be too hectic & busy with people & running vehicles.

Hotel was ok but pretty small room. View was fantastic looking up direct to the ocean and thumbs up to the garden landscape - beautiful! The worst was the communication! even the 4star hotel staff couldn't speak english well :-(

I became confused and so so confuseddd when hotel staff (front desk & housekeeping) did not understand a basic & normal hotel amenity request - an "IRON"! I even went down to explain & described to them what an iron is since they didn't get it when i tried to explain thru the phone :-(( still the front desk even the duty officer can't understand an iron. Huh! poor people. They have ruined my day as i cannot wear what i supposed to wear.

Another problem was food! arghhhhhh! no halal food served at most of the hotels. I knew & noted about this before departed...and that was why i carried number of packs of maggie mee & chocolate bars! is definitely not a holiday if you can't enjoy local good food! other than that I only took seafood & fresh fruits.

From clockwise: my room view 1, massage by the beach at the hotel, walkway to the pool, my room view 2

Pattaya beach is dirty & unattractive but no worries, just take 30minutes boat ride to the nearest island called Koh Lan. It's not a surprise if this island become so crowded especially around 11am - 2pm as this island promises you white sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water, number of seafood restaurants, gift & handcraft shops located along the beach and a lot of water sport activities - just name it.

While here I went to Ripley's Believe It or Not museum located inside Royal Garden Plaza in front of Beach Road. The museum features 10 individually themed galleries with over 300 fascinating & weird real exhibits. Exactly what we seen on TV! I meant not the items but Dean Cain...hahahhaha

Shopping was ok but Thailanese is a bit rough & not friendly compare to Indonesian. You can bargain but don't expect much and their concept is either you take it or leave it. They won't call u back. Maybe because Pattaya is a year round tourist attraction, so they are a bit demanding...but no regret since most of the items are cap ayam ;-* unless you go to upscale shopping malls.
Koh Lan Island @ noon time

These beach seats available at certain price ok...

Seafood lunch while at Koh Lan island. Yummilicious but not for the mud crabs :-P (most left) - cannot eat leiii
While here in Pattaya, make sure to try Thai traditional massage...arrghhhhhh! so refreshing...2hrs is pretty good enough. More than that you'll be like timber trunk..painful weiii kena lambung2, lipat2 :-D
Is this photo awesome? personally i love this snap. I took this while watching sunset at hotel's beach.