Feb 27, 2011

It is a great day to work in the garden. It is cloudy and windy. It seems to rain but the weather goes fine all day long. Just another beautiful weather on weekend as it encourages me to get out in a long dress and a straw hat on my head to work in the garden accompanied by my little miss misai meow~meoww wearing her leash sitting on the garden chair. Nothing much she could do with the leash on his neck and body lol, she keep yawning and staring at the flying birds that once a while stopped and rested on the trees....and she yawns again :)

As I posted in my garden journal last week, the frangipani tree finally poked out its flower buds. Owh! I was so thrilled and excited. Been waiting for it quite a while :)

The frangipani on the first week. Only a few blooms but that enough to make my heart tunes to balinese gamelan music ♫♪♫♫♪♪♫♫

And this is today, on the second week. All flowers are at full bloom. They look so gorgeous, amazing and sweet smelling!

With the good weather and small quantity of pouring rain, I think it will last for another week....and wait!...... another branch has poked out the flower buds too :) Well, I guess they are happy in my garden as I'm more than happy of having them here :)

Feb 26, 2011

Finally! I've got roses in my garden! :)

But before that allow me to let the cat out of the bag :) Rose gardening is not my passion. Rose is not my favourite flower. I just like rose as a flower because they are pretty and smell awesome.
My favourite flower is Stargazer lily! Forever and ever!!! They are elegant, sweet yet sexy and extremely fragrant. But I can't plant stargazers in local climate. Please be noted and let me remind you as I'm not living in London! :) winkkk!
Tapi, kalolah rumah chek kat london, chek tanam sumer jenis bunga yang santek2 termasuk roses :)))

The time has come. I've decided to give a try to grow roses in my garden. Even though I only have 70% faith on my own idea, yet I take it as a challenge. A gardening challenge! :)

One of the reason why I dislike growing roses is; it needs extra care and such a sensitive plant. I can't afford to carry a roses murderer title in my wholelife hobby or growing a NONflowering roses...hahahaaaa

This sweet yellow roses I bought at RM15. From the small pot, I transferred to the ground and after nearly 3 weeks, it produces a few new buds. A full bloom flower can reach 3inches wide. It's quite big and pretty :)

Due to heavy pouring for almost every single evening, my roses wilt & the petals turned to black colour [and ugly] very fast than usual. For one full bloom last approximately for 3-4 days only T_T compared to average rose bloom normally is 5 days or some can extend until 6 days.

As of now, after all the flowers 'gone' I've pruned and deadheading the unwanted leaves & stems
and pray hard so that my rose plant will grow bigger and bigger with a lots of flowers!!! :)
I do use fertilizer to feed my roses and I also use my kitchen waste like banana peels as a resources of K [potassium] to encourage flower formation.

Best of luck! [to me or to the roses? heheee]
shhhhhh!!! this morning when I do some check up on my roses, I saw new bud poked out...shhhhhh!!! yeyyyyyYy! shhhhhh......

cerita 1:::Masak lemak cili api ayam dan timun. Mengikut kata tetamu yang menjamah::: "sedapnya! cukup sumer rasa walopun bukan orang nogori yang masak"
me?::: "ahemm!..ahemmm! tengok chef lar cik jah, sebab tu malaih nak pi makan kat luar, sebab makan kat rumah lagi lazat" awwww! :) ~~~sila jangan jelesss, rajin2lah memasak cik jah yer...hihiiiii

mentalnote: cooking any kind of masak lemak menggunakan santan dari perahan kelapa parut sesungguhnya amat mencabar! lol Consistency kepekatan santan amat penting [aceh!], kalo santan cair, alamatnya masak lemak tu kurang kick!...kalo pakai santan segar segera tu memang lar terer. Pejam mata pun buleh buat [sorry yer, chek telah berhenti dari menggunakan santan segar segera siap dibungkus yg dijual di kedai2 kerana amat mengkhuatiri kandungan eleman tambahan dalam santan tersebut] ....the best way is renehkan dulu masakan dengan santan cair, bila di akhir rancangan, eh! 5 minit terakhir, baru ditambah santan pekat. Baru lar masak lemak cun & gojes tak berkepala dalam mangkuk :)

cerita 2:::Sambal belacan with hard boiled egg..Phewww! ini resepi tok aloq setaq chek :)
Kalo letak atau gaul2 dengan isi ikan rebus pun lazat! cecah dengan ulam makan nasi tepi bendang o.O Gulp!

cerita 3:::Masak lemak pucuk manis dengan sweet potatoes. Al-kisah nak masak sayur lemak pucuk labu, tapi bila sampai village grocer, pucuk labu tak dak, yang ada pucuk manis jer, boleh jugaklah.
Pastu makan nasi kuah banjir....whewwww! lazat! :)

cerita 4:::Di suatu weekend tu, setelah balik dari berlari~larian kira-kira 6km jauhnya, teringin plak nak breakfast nasi lemak. Wow! dahsat!! a sinful breakfast O.O
Sepatutnya, 'harus' dielak lar kan, tapi oleh kerana 6km berlari, burned calories pun banyak, nearly 1000kcal lebeyyyy, maka heavy breakfast like nasi lemak ini boleh di terima :) and this was my breakfast cum lunch too. So, totally acceptable ok! hahaahaaa :)
psstt! kalo cik jah stakat lari~lari anak 1~2km, sila lupakan niat untuk breakfast nasi lemak ok! tak der maknanya dok pulun lari lenguh lutut bagai, pastu makan ibarat 3km! toink!!

Sekarang, chek dah tak braper suker sangat nak beli nasi lemak kat luar/kedai. Sejak kes santan segar segera dicampur ubat & tepung untuk pekat. EEiiii! tak lalu nak makan! So, alternatively, kena lar masak sendiri guna santan perah sendiri dari kelapa parut :)

kalo kat kampung dulu, kena kukoq nyioq guna kuda. Bowing betul :P kalo mak suruh, ada jar alasan nak ngelat...hihihiiiii....Bila dah moden sket, ada jiran beli mesin kelapa, so sapa nak tumpang mesin kelapa kat rumah dia dialu-alukan, tapi kena bayaq 2kupang untuk sebijik kelapa :) cute kan? Chek pun kayuh lar beskal bawa kelapa dah siap belah kontang kanting gantung kat handle :)
tapi sekarang lagi hebat, mesin kelapa tu dah ibarat blender. Almost setiap rumah kat kampung nun pakat ada sorang sebijik :)

Nasi lemak + sambal sotong kering + ayam goreng kunyit + telur rebus...Owh! tidak!!! such a heaven weekend breakfast at home! :)))

Feb 24, 2011

Di suatu petang yang indah, chek menelepon seseorang itu.."tet..tet...tet..tet..tet...[bunyi tekan nombot telepon] "dan nada panggilan berbunyi "truttt!..truttt!...truutttt!!"
Suara merdu chek pun ke udara "Hello, nanti mai sini jangan lupa beli toqua [kalo x paham, sila selak kamus kedah-english] 2 bungkuih taw..." errrkk~~ dengan sedikit nada tamak...heheeee

jeng!...jengg!!...jenggg!!! misi membuat tauhu sumbat. Minum petang paling senang di dunia...hahaahaaaa. Saja chek meng-order toqua dari jauh sebab toqua yg jual kat kedai tu sedap sangat. Tak hengat plak cap apa, dibungkus santek dalam paket kaler hijau. Halal.... dah cari kat tesco, C4 & lain2 kedai, tapi tak dak :( Bila digoreng rasa gebu dan lazat :)

Sos cili nak cecah tauhu sumbat dah ada. Memang buat banyak2, simpan dalam balang dlm fridge.


Toqua [goreng dan di potong 2 secara menyenget..errr... menyerong. Belah tengah tp jangan putus]
Taugeh [celur seketika]


1. Gaul taugeh, timun & carrot. Sumbat ke dalam toqua yang telah dibelah tadi. Siap! :)

Jangan lupa, nak makan tauhu sumbat nie kena cecah cili, baru power. Bukan cili sos tau, cili buat sendiri ala2, cili nasi ayam tu...phewww! marbelesss
Ada setengah orang Kedah, cecah dengan sos kacang, pun marbeless jugak [tertakluk kepada sos kacang yg lazat sahaja]

Ikut soka lar kan, mana-mana pun buleh, janji lazat, homemade, bersih lagi suci :) Gulp!

Feb 23, 2011


230g self raising flour
30g cocoa powder
130g choc chip
115g caster sugar
125g butter [melted & cooled]
2 eggs
185ml buttermilk***
Muffin paper case [this ingredients can make 12 muffins]
Muffin baking tray [must have to hold the muffin shape during baking]


1) Sift the flour, cocoa powder & choc chip into a bowl. Stir in the sugar until well combine.

2) In a large jug/bowl, whisk together the melted butter, eggs & buttermilk. Add to the flour mixture and stir until just combine - do not overbeat or the muffin will be tough. To avoid over stirring, use a spatula instead an electric mixer :)

3) Spoon the mixture into the paper case only 2/3 full to allow room for expansion. Bake for 15-20minutes or until muffins is well rise & set. Done!

***Buttermilk : 185ml milk + 1tbsp lemon juice / white vinegar. Mix together and leave to stand for 5 minutes. Ready to use in your recipe.

Mental notes:
No worries of having 'comot' or unperfect rise up of muffins. That is called HOMEMADE. Homemade is meant to be that way :)

yeYyYYy!!! I've baked the most delicious choc muffins ever! WhewwWW ^__________^

Feb 21, 2011

Kucing LV? huh! siapakah gerangan kucing yang hebat berjenama itu? errrkkk?~~~
Tak cayer ker? See for yourself O.O

This is my new [pricy] LV iphone cover :) huh! pricy sebab kecik cinonet jer, kalo bayaq ratus~ratus tapi dapat size besar handbag tu baru lar kira murah kan?...heheeee
and it was a gift to me! yahooOOOOoo! and thank you :)

cuba tengok the colour, same like cik misai kan!!! :))

Introducing you cik misai [bukan nama sebenar] the LV! :)
uishhh!! makcik kayer! makcik kayer!...ada kucing cap LV...wheewww! cik jah jangan jelessss...awww!

Feb 20, 2011

Inilah mamam cik misai yang dikatakan oleh beliau sangat lazat itu :)
Lazat hingga cik misai menjilat misai ==^___^==

Errkkkk......memang lar lazat, tapi mahei tak hengat O.O RM100/4kg. Toinkk! Master cik misai pun makan beras RM30/5kg jer. Tahan sama jugak, 3-4months....lol
Tapi takpalah, sebab sayangkan cik misai yang sekor nie...meowww..meowww
Hanya yang terbaik untuk cik misai. Yeahhh! [cik misai tepuk tangan]
Sebab terlebih caring, cik misai nie makan memang memilih. Kalo balik kampung, beliau tak mau makan makanan kucing(s) my mum. Sebab cap Tesco or Friskies...lol beliau buat catwalk sambil jeling-jeling jer kat mangkuk makanan depa...iskkk! berlagak plak cik misai ni T_T. Tapi, setiap hari ada saja cubaan oleh kucing(s) my mum untuk mencuri makanan lazat beliau itu o.O. Kadang2 sampai licin bowl kena samun! O.O

Kebiasaannya, makanan kucing paling lazat ialah nasi putih gaul dengan ikan goreng atau ikan rebus, tapi itu pun cik misai tak makan. Tak penah makan [sebenarnya] dan tak penah tengok pun O.O Beliau sekadar menghidu nearly 30 seconds, then berlalu pergi. Kalo kucin lain, 2 seconds dah masuk kerongkong dah...hahahaaa...alahai cik misai :P

Rekod makanan cik misai since 2006. Actually, it was years before that, tapi tin lama dah discard, sebab dah karat. So, skali dengan rekodnya pun dah hilang...
Kadang-kadang, kesian dan pelik jugak kat cik misai sebab tabiat makanan beliau sungguh luar biasa :) tapi, on the other hand I ♥ it! heheeee, sebab it's good for her too :) Sebab utama, adalah kebersihan! penting nie. Tiada kompromi. Sebab cik misai is an indoor cat who's not walking outside, so kebersihan cik misai sangat chek titikberatkan. Selain rutin mandi dan flea & ticks treatment, beliau hanya makan dry food. No junk or table food for her. No! No! No! awwwwWww! 

Sebab tu lar, beliau dah terbiasa dengan disiplin & diet yang diberi :) Tapi, the dry food I select for her is a premium type ok, so sorry naik lorry taw cik jah sebab cik jah tiada bukti nak tuduh chek mendera kucing atau mental cik misai tertekan....LOL :D
Makanan yang dibekalkan cukup kandungan zat, vitamin, garam galian dan keperluan seekor kucin :)
Seminggu skali, chek bawa cik misai jenjalan kat padang, sebab cik misai nak geget rumput untuk cuci perut  =^___^=

Mental note: kadang2x, teringin nak rasa makanan cik misai itu, rasa apa lar agaknya kan? ahaakksss!!!

Feb 19, 2011

A friend of mine is getting married :) Congrats bro!
Since he's far away in Melbourne, I'm assisting him organizing a mini wedding dinner for him here in Kuala Lumpur.

Rileks lar cik jah, bukan nak kena buka khemah, kupas bawang, rebus telur or tumis gulai pun, my job just to gather everyone & reserve dinner kat hotel jar...ahaks!
But still time consuming but I'm happy :) Maklumlah, dedulu tu cita-cita yang ke-7 ialah Event Planner...hahahaaaa [yang pertama is peragawati! O.O OMG!!! what was I thinking on that time yeaa? HAHAHAAAAA]
and I'm making him a homemade wedding card with minimum resources, and it looks cute! heheeheee :D

Beside organizing a dinner, I'm arranging a special wedding gift too :)
Well, at this point, thinking of he's living abroad and come back to Kuala Lumpur just for a little while, I don't want to trouble him to carry a big wedding gift all the way on the plane, ahaks!
Or, if he's got to leave the gift here in Kuala Lumpur, then no sentimental value already lorrrr....

and I decided to present him & wife a special 3hrs spa treatment package. WaWwEeEEE!! ^___________^
At first, I do have a super exclusive spa centre which is a fav of mine, Villamay. Unfortunately, they don't do couple spa package, as they do not have masseur [male massager]. So I've been searching around and found a pretty good place at Bangsar :)

Why I choose this gift? well, I'm hoping that the newly wed couple could rest, relax, enjoy & rejuvenate themselves after a tiring wedding preparation works and fly back home to Australia in a good & fresh mood...lol

The gift shareholders :) Aren't we cute up there? owh! we are so super~super cute huh?! ngeeEEeeee :))) and generous too...lol ~~~thank you guys!

Feb 17, 2011

My frangipani is back in action! :) The flowering season is here...owh! yeahhh
In 2.5years, it only flowers 2 times! imagine that? how berjanggut uban chek menunggu dengan penuh rasa chenta? awwww!

and here's another one....miss Zinnia. I 'adopted' her from my mum's when she was only 2weeks old [aceh!] and now she's 5 months old and baru nak berbunga O.O and....................... satu sajer ~.~ loorrrrrrr

Anyway, a sign of new buds about to poke is very clear. I could feel it :) ♫♫lalalaa♫♫lalaaa

and no complaint at all for this miss Purple Periwinkle. She's flowering nonstop all the time!
You are beautiful girl :))) GOOOOOOOOD job!

and this bright Red Periwinkle, she's new in my garden family, still malu-malu to show off...ahaks! but she's damn sexy!

Allright then, that's all from us in the garden for now :) till we meet again, hugs, kisses & don't forget to flowers gals! ahaks!

Feb 13, 2011

cheelako punya bibik indon sebelah!!!

Pokok bunga heliconia aku siok-siok jar hang potong! sesedap rasa! Hang sapa nak suka-suka hati potong pokok bunga aku???!!!
Bukannya pokok bunga tu cucuk lubang hidung hang pun! Pokok tu kat sempadan. Tapi masih dalam kawasan rumah aku! Yang hang tak puas hati sangat tu pesaipa?! Heliconia aku punya lar gemok!, tengah berbunga plak tu! Haremmm ko pompuan gilo!!!
Hari-hari aku siram, every weekend aku prune & deadheading, every 2weeks aku letak baja, tup! tup! hang mai potong pokok aku !!!

Lagi buat aku hangat hati sebab aku nampak 'mayat' pokok bunga aku hang dok timbun kat situ! Hang memang dah melampau. Dah lar perangai hang dan puak2 amah lorong blakang rumah tu memang dah tahap jalang; terjerit sini sana, melalak meraung macam beruk tak kira waktu tak kira azan, pasang lagu dangdut murahan kuat tak hiraukan jiran sebelah menyebelah, dengan orang mesin rumput & renovate rumah pun hang boleh nak meqela, sekarang hang tambah lagi satu perangai bak kut teh hang!
Memang hang bukan pendatang haram tanpa izin [PATI) cuma hang tu umpamanya pendatang dengan izin tapi perangai macam haram [PADITEMAM]

Ya!!! aku memang marah, dan aku masih marah dan aku akan tetap marah!!! sebab hang dah buat aku marah!!! huh!!!!

Feb 10, 2011

Senangnya dalam hati bila datang office tak payah kerja!
Boleh rest, relax, hisap rokok 17 kali, main game, surf internet, chatting, gayut telefon bercakap pong! pang! pongg! pangg! macam kat rumah...urrmmmm...untung badan.
Cuma kerja komplen dan kerja buat bodo jar. Yang ni tak betul, yang ni tak boleh, yang ni tak taw, yang tu tak sure, awat begini? pasaipa begitu....................................yada...yada...yada...

Tapi bila Bos bagi kerja, ouchh! mengeluh mengalahkan lembu jantan! Mula lar buat2 penin nak pitam. Kalut semacam dan paling best baru kerja lebih sket dah demand! nak itu nak ini! owh!

Macam mana nak cakap ekk? sebab kalo cakap serba salah, tak cakap pun serba salah. Tapi....kalo tak cakap, lama-lama naik lemak pulak. Huh! tu yang lama-lama jadi baloq liat.

Sebenarnya semua nie very flexible :) Kalo kerja sumer dah siap, sumer kerja dah buat, sumer kerja dah organized. Mana kerja yang wajib dan rutin didahulukan sebelum nak berfoya-foya waktu working hours, of course lar tak jadi masalah. Ikut suker lar nak buat apa pun. Nak chatting sampai kiamat ker, nak blogging sampai terbakar keyboard kar, nak surf internet sampai buta kar, nak main game sampai mereng kar....yang penting WORK comes first! huh!
Tapi......secara logiknya mana boleh datang office tak dak kerja kan? mesti ada kerja. Kalo pun kerja sumer dah siap, boleh buat kerja lain like improvise your system ker, kemas kini database ker, buat correction tang mana-mana ker dan sebagainya. Terpulanglar kepada kreativiti memasing yer dak? Takkan nak ngaga jar....ahukkk!

Dah nama pun kerja, walau semudah dan sekecil manapun, ia tetap kerja. Segala tanggungjawab di office perlu didahulukan sebelum nak menggunakan kemudahan office secara PERCUMA untuk kepentingan peribadi dan keseronokkan diri. Kalo komplen slogan kerajaan "rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan" bukan main lagi pandai! Kerajaan kluar statement baru sket, terus kondem kaw-kaw, menteri tu salah, menteri ni tak betul....hishhhhh....padahal, kita ni sebagai rakyat biasa-biasa saja, nak PIMPIN keluarga sendiri pun blum tentu 60% bagus, sempurna, berjaya, bahagia & sebagainya kan? inikan pulak negara yang 27juta populasi, berbilang bangsa, agama, keturunan dan budaya.....fikirlah

Chek pun bukanlah niat nak jadi menteri..eh! eh!! silap...bukanlah baguih sangat, tapi setiap hari berazam untuk melakukan yang terbaik dan berusaha membaikki diri. Amanah kerja yang diberi adalah keutamaan. Kadang-kadang tu manalah kita tahu orang suker kita ker, orang benci kita kar kan...Yang penting berusaha melaksanakan tanggungjawab yang diberi. Jangan buat halai balai jar. Tapi kalo dah tak sukak juga...errrrrkkk....itu kira user problem lar tu...ahaks!

Susah nak citer lar kan sebab selama 10 tahun nie, the company grows with me :) ahaks! [bukan I grow with the company taw..huhuuuu...] Sebab from zero, I did everything on my own. Menggagau sana sini. Hinggakan tempoh 8jam di office tak sempat nak pusing kiri kanan. Kerja...kerja...kerja. selalu balik lambat dan buat 'charity' untuk office. Namun chek ikhlas dan bila dikenang kembali sekarang nie, sweet sangat :) Asam garam hebat! dalam kehidupan. Alhamdulillah ^________^
Segala 'development' kat office nie chek nampak jelas, terang dan nyata. Jadi kalo ada sapa-sapa yang cuba take for granted on 'my office' huh! I'll always hit the nail on the head "you are such a barefaced liar!!!"

Feb 8, 2011

Would you like to join me for a cup of tea while reading the wonderful inspired book on the patio this evening? :)

mentalnote: erkkk!! ajak-ajak ayam ajer tawww :P sajer jer nak tayang kat cik jah my living quaters tea seat..ahakkks!

It's quite a long break and I'm having fun at home :) Chill, relax & rest, gardening and reading of course! Too lazy to go anywhere. The weather also seems uncertain with very hot and humid on day time and heavy down pour on the late evening. My body temperature pun dah tak menentu with up and down for the past few days dan takut sangat kalo tiba-tiba terkena fever, cough or flu O.O

Setakat sekarang nie kira masih bertahan lar sebab I do keep my body sweating. Kalo tak pergi gym, at least I make sure I go for my morning/evening routine run :) InsyaAllah.
Sebab chek ni sangat 'berani' makan ubat kalo sakit...uwekkkk!

mentalnote: see the green fern next to the chair? that's the one planted & given by uncle nextdoor :) Tapi masa uncle bagi hari tu tak bushy macam ni lah...nie chek dok jaga+siram+baja sendiri. I like this fern sebab colour-nya yg vibrant, daun kilat & nampak macam plastik kan? heheee

Bestkan kalo dapat selalu rehat-rehat kat rumah macam nie? urmmmm....
I my garden, I my flowers, I my books, I my cat and I everyone! xoxoxo

mentalnote: errkkk!?? kalo x kerja, takder $$$$ ~.~ abes tu macam mana nak beli lancome? hukkhukkk

Panjangnya title recipe nie :)
Sila sebut dalam satu nafas yer...lol
tapi cik jah jangan lar gabra, nak buat nie senang saja. Jangan putus asa plak bila tengok nama masakan panjang dan dalam hati berkata-kata "uishhh! mesti payah nie..."huhuuuu
InsyaAllah, mesti boleh :)

The Ingredients:

Seriously cik jah, I do not have the proper measurement of the ingredients. Main agak-agak, tapi jangan terlebih dan terkurang agak yer...heheeee. Tapi chek pretty sure cik jah lagi terer meng-agak dari chek :)

Making the baked salmon

Rub the salmon with salt, pepper and drizzle some olive oil on top. Into the oven 180C for 30-35mins. I leave extra another 10-15mins because salmon has a strong fishy taste :)

Making the baked mashed potatoes

Boil the potatoes. Drain and mash with pinch of salt, pepper, knob of butter and milk or cream if you prefer.

Add into baking dish and bake 180C for 30-40mins or until beautiful golden brown.

Pstttt! If you prefer baked mashed potatoes, please proceed accordingly, or else mashed potatoes saja pun dah ok! :)


Making the orange salsa.

I'm making the orange salsa sebab tengah musim CNY nie, banyak plak stock limau kat rumah. So, improvised lar sket kan :)
1 tomato
Half onion
Orange pulps
Lemon juice
Salt & sugar

Mix all well and keep chilled in the fridge. Salsa nie sedap giles, sebab bila makan tercetus seribu rasa! rasa tangy dari onion, rasa masam yg tak keterlaluan dari tomato, kesegaran buah orange dan rock melon dan rasa juicy masam-manis of the lime juice & sugar. Owh!!!gulp!

Making the lemon butter sauce.

Melt the butter in a pan over a low heat. Remove from the heat and stir in the flour with a wooden spoon. Add a little of the milk and beat until smooth. Return the pan to the heat and continue adding the milk. Not too much milk as we are looking for a thick sauce. (optional: add some cream if you like) Add some lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, pepper & dill/flat leaf parsley/basil. Simmer for 5mins and ready!
Happy cooking cik jah! :)

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