Jan 21, 2009

Jom jalan-jalan? Kali ini, kita ke Negeriku KEDAH Darul Aman! :-)

Never been to Kedah before? huh! rugi 78kilo lar kalo lagu tu...siannn...Kedah best wooooo...best woooo...

Among sooo many great attractions, well I present to u guys Rice Museum @ Gunung Keriang which situated 8km from Alor Setar. Was opened on 2004 inspired by Negeri Kedah itself as 'Jelapang Padi Negara' :-)

Front view of Rice Museum. Senibina diilhamkan dari jelapang padi (tempat orang dulu-dulu simpan padi/beras)

With entrance fee as cheap as RM3/adult, RM1/child and RM2/camera you can enjoy & learn everything about paddy field. Dari proses penanaman sehinggalah ia manjadi makanan yang paling popular skali di Malaysia kat pinggan nasi korang sumer :-)

So, kalau ada adik2, anak2, nieces/nephews maka elok sangat lah ke sana...silap2 diri sendiri pun kena pegi...belajar betapa susahnya seseorang petani itu bekerja membanting tulang mengerjakan bendang (sawah larrr)...

The most interesting I would like to highlight here is the most beautiful & biggest hand painting mural in Malaysia with 8m height and 103m long rotating 360degree on a giant platform at 3rd floor of this museum. By doing nothing, sit tight at any seats available, standby your camera and enjoy the view of traditional rice field village. Awesome!

Oleh kerana saiz mural yang sgt besar, maka sepasukan pelukis2 dari Japan (ker Korea ntahh) mengambil masa berbulan2 nak siapkan menatang nih termasuklah depa buat survey & study dulu..All view painted was real based on sorrounding area at Gunung Keriang, bukan main lukis jer cik Jah oiii...tak der imaginasi ker, khayalan ker..tak der...pemandangan sebenar nih...

Inilah hasilnya!

Cuaca sedikit mendung at this area...nak hujan :-P

View of Kilang Padi in the middle of rice field. Nampak dak tokey kilang padi tgh tengok bil, kira untung
Cantikkknya! orang kampung together with officers from Bernas kot..buat lawatan ke rice field. Cek kualiti lar tu. ok nak nyanyi skeet nih :-)

"kuning padi di sawahan

hijau pohon merendang

Langkawi indah seri negeri

Jerai mengawan tinggi

Kedah Darul Aman, negeri jelapang padi

Kedah tempat sanjungan sungguh menawan hati"...la..la..la..laaa

View of Pekan Sehari (Flea market).

Typical kampung house in the middle of rice field...Bukan orang susah tau..kayo sebenarnya. Ada bendang berelung-relung....cuma tak duniawi nak beli bmw... autobavaria blum buka branch :-D

Ha! nak story sket nih...Inilah Gunung Keriang. Ada citer2 misteri mengatakan kat lukisan mural tu selalu jer tetiba muncul by itself gambar pompuan rambut panjang pakai baju labuh putih (ha la! kalau pakai baju pink skirt oren korang ingat penyanyi hong kong plak) kat atas gunung tuh...pastu hilang..esok lusa tulat tunging ia muncul kembali...huh! misteri :-o waktu cek snap ni ia takderlah, pegi gunting rambut kot :-P

Tapi cek sumer jangan takut...itu mungkin imaginasi semata2..hihihi.Kalau cik kerbau buat OT, bulihlar merasa naik keta kerbau keliling museum..best! slow giler..kahkahhh. kerbau dia besar sihat dan kuat namanya Hitam (sbb warna hitam, kalau pink, mungkin namanya Pinky).

At outside ada 2 doors cafe selling nasi, laksa & drinks. Laksa dia ok jugak lar. Power lagi laksa cek :-P

So, tunggu apa lagi, kalau ke utara singgah sat ke Alor Setaq, Tak sabar nak pi Muzium padi terketaq-ketaq, Tapi awas hang jangan loglaq, Takut jatuh terbah termakan pasiq


Jan 14, 2009

Awesome!!! an outstanding movie!
A must watch movie! definitely! 2hrs and 45minutes feel like 20minutes. You won't feel bored at all. It seems you want it more and more and this film really doesn't let you down. Set in a gorgeous Australia country as the film background with great cinematography. Scene after scene will keep you so excited and really into the movie. Great job by Baz Luhrmann, a director of Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge!

A great feel good movie. It was fun spotting all the wonderful iconic Aussie actors. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman were the perfect romantic pairing. It lifted your spirits visually and emotionally

Another awesome work from Nicole Kidman (Lady Sarah Ashley) . Ohhhh! I just adore her...maybe too much :-P pretty, pretty, pretty.... Just like other movies of hers - "The Other", "Invasion", "The Golden Compass" where we can watch her up, close and personally.
And our Mr Hugh Jackman (Grover)...OMG so handsome! and romantic :-) different from what we see him as Wolverine in X-men of course :-)

A review in Newsweek wrote that, "Kidman seems to blossom under Luhrmann's direction- she's funny, warm and charming, and the erotic charge between her and the gruff, hunky Jackman is delicious. In a solemn season, Australia's bold, kitschy, unapologetic artifice is a welcome respite".[

With a supporting role and a film's debut by a young ordinary boy Brandon Walter (Nullah), this movie become more interesting and powerful. Oh...he was just great, I think he stole the show with his acting for such a young lad.

The film is narrated by the young mixed-race Aboriginal boy, Nullah.

In 1939, Lady Sarah Ashley travels from England to northern Australia to force her philandering husband to sell his faltering Australian cattle station, Faraway Downs. Her husband sends an independent cattle drover, called simply "Drover", to Darwin to transport her to Faraway Downs.
Lady Sarah's husband is murdered shortly before she arrives. Meanwhile, cattle station manager Neil Fletcher
is trying to gain control of Faraway Downs, so that Lesley 'King' Carney can have a complete cattle monopoly in the Northern Territory, which will give him negotiating leverage with the Australian army. Fletcher also claims to Lady Sarah that the murderer of her husband is an Aboriginal elder with magical powers, "King George". The childless Lady Sarah is captivated by the young boy Nullah, who was born to an Aboriginal mother and an unknown white father. Nullah tells her that he has seen her cattle being driven onto Carney's land — in other words, stolen from her. Because of this, Fletcher mistreats Nullah and threatens him and his mother, after which Lady Sarah fires Fletcher and decides to try and run the cattle station herself. When Nullah and his mother hide from the white authorities by entering a water tower, his mother drowns. Lady Sarah comforts Nullah by singing the song "Over the rainbow"from the film The Wizard of Oz. Nullah tells her that "King George" is his grandfather, and that like "King George" he too is a "magic man".

I laughed and cried through the whole movie. And end up with more tears like a baby towards the end of this movie when Lady Sarah Ashley had finally accept the fate that she has to let go her beloved Nullah for 'Walkabout' - a call for an aboriginal boy to treasure his life....and he will return when the time has come.

Jan 8, 2009

Picnic! the best thing to do on weekend. This time bring Ayana & Jay picnic and fishing @ my favourite park. This is my jogging track on weekend if no raining. Or else jog on treadmill, but no fun leeii :-P

Usually take these kids to malls & restaurants, but today wanted to give them something new & fun to feel, explore & enjoy themselves...

Enjoy giler dua budak mat salleh ni... Excited and talkative...macam kerepek

We caught few small tiny fish but let it go to its family before we left...

Ayana is sharing tips with her brother Jay how to catch a fish

Jay screening for big fish using his spiderman eyes..go Jay go!

It's eating time! Light snack in between fun! We had sandwiches, potato chips, crackers, apples, oranges and drinks.

We had fun today :-) (-:
We will be back with Sophea, Qasriena & Siyona sooooon :-D
Yup! currently I'm reading this. It has been almost 3months. But havn't finish till now :-)
hehehee..bz with other things :-P

I only read in bed..tapi blum pun 3 pages, buku dah baca check :-D ngantukkkk...
I've read the climax of the story and now another 3 chapters to go..yeah!

According to sypnosis of "Puan Nasi" ni....

"May Taylor works as a wedding planner, passing on the timeless traditions of her grandmother and mother. The Taylor women have always believed in the presence of magic in everyday life--especially the simple magic of true love and family. Yet May's own faith in true love was shattered when she was abandoned by the father of her child. Still, she finds joy in raising her daughter Kylie, a very special five-year-old who sees and hears things that others cannot. . . Martin Cartier is a professional hockey player and sports legend. His father, a champion, taught him to play to win--at all costs. Now Martin's success veils a core of heartache, rage, and isolation. Yet Kylie glimpses the transcendent role Martin will play in May's life and her own--unless his past tears their blossoming love apart. Then only Kylie will see the way home--and only May will be able to lead them there, if she can believe in magic once more."

Huh! again another collection by Luannce Rice. Awesome family and life story!

In my version for direct understanding (kot2 ada yang susah nak process flowery language ni kan), this story is about a girl named Kylie who has a magic sense inherited from her mother, May Taylor and see what others can't see.
Just like cute Haley Joel Osment in Six Sense with his world famous tagline "I see dead people" (hihiii scary huh?!) Come on! it's not a ghost story.

A spiritually gifted young girl has found her mother a great, wonderful, handsome and world famous Canadian hockey player, Martin Cartier as a husband and a father of hers. Using her ability, love and family bond, Kylie with help of her mother, May Taylor try to untie a dark secret hides deep underneath of her step father's life between his late daughter and his own father much away before they become a family before it's too late...

Best? Best gilerzzz...perhaps I will wrap it down by this weekend :-)

Footnote 22.01.09 -Finally I'm done with this wonderful book. Great story! Cried towards the end..huhuuuuhuu..Martin Cartier has finally accept his fate that he's a blind hockey player after he met and skied with his late daughter on Christmas nite. He forgave his father for what he has done and they have united as family once again :-)

Jan 7, 2009

Yeeeha! cik misai dapat new house! finally...
Ye..ye...lebih besar, lebih selesa dan leeeeebih nilai :-P

Tapi cian cik misai, this is not upgrade, downgrade actually :-P
Dulu, cik misai dapat the entire room for herself and she loves to chill out at bay window, tapi sekarang, cik misai dapat 1 cute house cage jer :-) ok lar tu...

Ni lar menatang tu. Macam ganas jer tengok wording "animal cage" tu kan? hikhikkk..macam lar nak letak gorila :-D

Went to many pet shops and this is the best. Look at the size. Quite comfy for her. Dua tingkat lagi. Purposely choose yang 2 tingkat, sebab beliau suka duduk kat tempat tinggi. Siap roda, so senang nak tolak2 sebab benda ni sangatlah berat. Regernya ialah rm220. Ayat punya ayat, dapat 2nd tier + tangga free..heheeehe :-D (kalo beli asing 30henget)

Setelah siap dipasang! walaupun tak pakai screws, payah siot nak assemble benda alah ni sebab nak kena selit2. Kira menguji tahap kesabaran jugaklah...astagfirullahalazimmm...

Colour is metal bronze. Special colour coat menurut kata Tokey kedai tuh. Memang pun rata2 kedai cuma ada white and black. At this time belum letak 2nd tier + tangga lagi.


BTW, jangan salah sangka. Bukan lar bermaksud kejam nak letak cik misai dalam cage. Cuma belum ada kepercayaan 100% lagi kat cik misai tu...takut dia over xcited...pegi sana pegi sini, pastu tak reti cari jalan pulang...bukan cik misai penin...tuan cik misai ni ha yang peninnnnnn nanti :-(

Lagipun ada banyak new cats kat sini, so, takut depa sumer tu terjah cik misai ...cian beliau...(sbb cik misai tu muka jer ganas, tapi pengecut).

Be patience...that day will come soon :-)

Jan 5, 2009

I was called to review the awesome write up on StarMetro dated 30th December 2008 by Zukri Valenteno who grew up with a strict military man for a father.

What he wrote is absolutely right 110%, very true and no doubt at all! I totally agreed with him. Yeah! Eventhough I'm not from a military based family, but thanks to both my mum and dad who abviously create who am i today :-)

Actually, I've posted a similar entry in my blog months before... yeah, talking about manner...well, it's a good thing to share. Why not we share it together?

No doubt that our upbringing style and education given (by parents and family) will reveal everythings about our attitude and what kind of family we come from.

What he said was "well-mannered folk seem to be few and far between in KL these days, even if the younger generation is included" - pedas tu. Tajam menikam kalbu. But it's a fact! May be he tries to narrow the scope of community by focusing on KL folk. Hakikatnya, di mana-mana juga adalah sama.

Firstly, he said about Malaysians' eating habits. "Most of us (excluding the writer and myself of course!) still emit funny noises when chewing our food, slurp our drink and soup" and additional point from myself which i hate most is talking with mouth full! Yarckkkk!!! oblivious to the sensitivities of others in an eatery. Beside that do take not about burping direct to some one else face. Come on! excuse and turn away your face please! Huh goshhh! stupid and penghotoq! At this point, I wonder where's the brain goes? It's a very simple thing to do yet some of us can't practice it :-( and another thing is leaving the left over food on the table! (not on the plate, once again on the table!). huh! disgusting!!!

Additional to that, I do realize and always seen people (especially ladies either eating with BF or hubby, men no need to tell lar, dah azali) putting their fork and spoon 'terkangkang' on the empty plate after a meal. OMG! as i always said, pretty face, branded outfit & great make up but table manner is out! - ayyyoo! shame-shame to yourself :-(

That's only eating style, haven't see the room or house yet..ntah2 terkangkang macam sudu garpunya jugak...hem...

In a simple understanding "our eating habits tell everything about ourselves".

Personally, all the above are basic etiquette that we are supposed to have learnt in school and at home. So, for those who fail to perform this simple and logic well mannared attitude, I just wonder which school they go and who are their families? ;-?

Secondly, he also said that " there are also folk who are impatient to the point of being restless while waiting in a queue, and standing so near behind a person making transactions at an automated teller machine, to the point of being too close for comfort for the latter".

Correct rite? Do you guys stand toooo close to the person in front of you at the atm machine? If you did, please change that bad habit. Do you like if people do the same to you? huh! :-P

Thirdly, "some do not even bother to line up; they prefer to cut queue - like the infamous KL drivers who think nothing of driving on the road shoulder during traffic snarls" and after that cause trouble to other drivers just to give them way at the front queue. No way that I'm going to do that to this bull***t drivers! yeaah...i know..if we don't give them way, sure they will bully back or even worst they will follow you extremely close from the back which we will feel very unpleasant :-( Hope they will meet with an xcident at simpang depan! :-O

Fourthly, a normal scene at cinema - "talking loudly and relating the story-line of an on going movie and scratching the popcorn pack until the bottom line" come on! have some respect to others please..if you buy your ticket, so do i! what do you expect? go back and watch tv at home lar!

and finally, "there are some kurang ajar folk who spit loudly in mamak shops, laugh mockingly and generally behave obnoxiously at a diner and smoke in the non-smoking section of a restaurant, in a lift! or a public place".

Hemm...are you any one of the above? well, hope it's not too late to change for your good sake, your children, of course for Malaysian.

If you are none of the above and a well mannered person or even better- congrats and welldone to you! Hope this good attitude could be extanded to your entire families and friends :-)

Think no more. It is so simple - what you do tell everythings about yourself :-)
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