Oct 28, 2008


  1. Stir fry shallot & garlic until fragrant
  2. Add tempe (fermented soy beans) and fry until golden brown
  3. Add prawn, fish sauce, 3tbls water, salt & sugar to taste. Mix well for 5 minutes
  4. Add beansprout, bird chilies and cover the wok to soften in the steam for a few minutes
  5. Ready to serve!
  • Eggs (boiled & fried)
  • Dried chili paste (boiled and blended with shrimp paste & tamarind)
  • Onion + garlic (blended)
  • Salt & sugar to taste
  • Water

  1. Peel the hard boiled eggs and deep fry in oil till the cover is crisp & brown - put aside
  2. Stir fry blended onion & garlic until fragrant
  3. Add chilli paste, sugar & salt to taste
  4. Leave to simmer & almost dried
  5. Add 1/2 cup water and cook until the sambal has thickened and a layer of oil on the surface
  6. Add eggs, stir to mix well and it's ready!


  1. Stir fry shallot, garlic & curry leaves until golden brown & fragrant
  2. Add curry paste (curry powder + blended onion & garlic + dried chili paste)
  3. Stir thoroughly until almost dry and add pieces of dried salted fish (Talang)
  4. Stir to mix well and add coconut milk & sugar to taste
  5. After boil, add pieces of pineapple (or brinjal if you like) & bird chillies (if like) and cook under slow heat
  6. Leave to simmer & until pineapple become tender. It's ready!


Warning: Do not add salt as the dried salted fish is already salty!!!

Ikan Talang Masin - a signature 'buah tangan' from Kedah.

The most popular in the 'world' to get this salted fish is at Tanjung Dawai @ Yan. Fuyyoo! varieties of sea products like anchovies in multiple grades, salted fish, dried shrimp, dried squid, shrimp paste, tamarind, kuah rojak Mak Bi, dried fish/prawn cracker and etc. BUT, no matter how good people talking about Tanjung Dawai, for Ikan Talang, I still prefer one shop (retailer) at Batu 17 @ Yan. They have as small as 2kg and as big of 8kg ikan Talang (FYI a 8kg ikan Talang's height is equivalent to 12yrs old kid) wow! ;-O and is about RM60-70 (can't recall how much perkg).

New jetty @ Tanjung Dawai

Talking about Tg Dawai, it's actually a fisherman village with a small town by the seaside. Driving via coastal road to Tg Dawai is awesome as you will be served with panoramic view of the seaside. Unfortunately, the new 2 storey shop building that placing numbers of sellers is toooo dirty! especially at the staircase both left and right. Yarckkkk!

Restaurant view

I really don't understand how something like this could happend at a tourist attraction point. Not only now, but since day one the new building had been occupied. Who should be blamed for this? District council or the tenants? It just ridiculous if both parties try to point finger to each other. Shame on them all. NOT my intention to make a bad reputation for this great place. Nothing wrong with the things sold here. It's still the best place to get all dried seafood stuffs, but honestly I do feel shame and sorry for the locals or tourists who come here and have to see the unkept & dirty shop building... BUT there is an incredibly awesome 'ikan bakar restaurant' at the left side end lot @1st floor. Fantastic lunch by the seaside overlooking Merdeka beach -another tourist attraction can be reached by few bucks boat ride.

I order the same dishes everytime I'm here. The grilled fish sauce is just fantastic as Balinese sauce @ Jimbaran :-)

Oct 23, 2008

Suka makan ulam? kalo salad @ western restaurant tu u all bulih makan, maka ulam lagi lar bulih kan...and for ur information, ulam lagi tasty dari those salad tau ;-)

Amalan makan ulam atau sayur-sayuran mentah ni actually boleh membuatkan seseorang tu awet muda sbb it contains banyak bahan antioksidan yang mampu menghalang tindakan radikal bebas. Actually, amalan makan ulam ni dah menjadi budaya masyarakat Melayu sejak turun temurun lagi especially yg dok @ kampung. Malah, ia menjadi ikutan kaum lain sehingga ada yang kata rasa tak puas makan nasi kalo tak ader ulam bercecah sambal belacan...hemmm

Some of herb/ulam plants available around my mum's house

Ada juga yang tak berselera makan kalo tak dak ulam atau sayur like my elder sister...tak lalu dia :-P Paling koman, mesti ada timun untuk membuka selera. This is definitely good sbb every day badan kita memerlukan kira-kira 40 jenis nutrien untuk kekal sihat. When we eating, actually we are doing investment to our own body. The result? it depends on apa yg kita makan. Jika makan banyak lemak, then it means kita akan mengalami masalah pertambahan berat badan dan high cholestrol!

Sebaliknya, individu yang mengamalkan pemakanan seimbang dengan melebihkan pengambilan sayur dan buah biasanya tampil lebih sihat dan menarik serta mampu mengekalkan kelangsingan badan...cheeewah..pewwwitt!

Kiter memang suka ulam..maybe sbb since kecik lagi my mum dah treats we all how to eat ulam..pastu plak senang nak dapat, main petik2 kat bakang rumah jer...my mum suka bercucuk tanam..macam2 ada..fresh plak tu..emm..yummmy..tambah pulak ada sambal belacan...phewww..terliurrrrr..gulp..gulpp

my nieces dari darjah 1 pun dah pandai berulam..tapi tu lar bukan nak kata tp mungkin sebab dah biasa since kecik kan..look at some of our kids nowadays especially yg stay @ bandar lar kan..jangankan ulam, sawi, kobis pun tak makan...isk..iskkk kesian :-( perhaps parents should pay more attention how to train anak2 kita ni supaya makan sayur & ulam. Rugi sebenarnya kalo tak makan benda2 mcm nih..dah lar berkhasiat bahkan tersangatlah sedapnya!!! tak cayer? cuba lar try

Hiiihiiiii...not only kids tau, ada jugak hat yang dah tua2 dewasa ni pun tak makan sayur/ulam...hemmm...mcm mana anak2 nak ikut? maybe alergik agaknya kalo makan sayur/ulam ni..takut jadi cam "Pepaya" :-P

skali-skala lunch on weekend nasi berulam sambal belacan macam nih fuhhhh! sedappnya :-)

My fave ulam is definitely pucuk samak, pucuk janggus & pucuk karapole' (daun kari lar)...fuhhh! lemak & tak pahit langsung! Then daun cekur, putat, ulam raja, pegaga, bebuas, peria pantai, selom, chemamak, kaduk, mengkudu,jantung pisang, umbut tepus, rebung, bunga lengkuas, kunyit muda, halia muda, terung, kacang panjang, kacang kelisa dan macam2 lagiiiiiii

Tapi dah dok KL ni, susah nak dapat ulam best..asik2 bendi, timun, carrot, kobis..(rasa cam rabbit kan?) boh-san lar jugak..skali skala nak jugak rasa cam encik kam-bheng hehehee dedaun ijau :-) baru lar sihat...kuat...and cunnn :-)

senyumm...en. kam-bheng senyum...dah mandi blum? :-D

Oct 22, 2008

Yeeha! Beverly Hills 90210 is coming back! Long-awaited TV legendary show. One of my favourite tv series. Noted about it when astro keep showing the preview and today I've read about it on Astroview Nov'08. So, it's kind of flasback to me ;-)
Don't forget every Tuesday 9pm @ StarWorld channel 711

I think I've started to follow this series since I was in Form 3...ages ago. Now after 14yrs and I bet they are all no longer in high school.

My fave charaters are Dylan (Luke Perry)..ouchhhh! damn handsome & gorgeous man (thru my teenage eyes :-p) The whole world crazy about him...and of course Brenda (Shannon Doherty)...a beautiful, wild but smart girl. Others are Brandon (Jason Priestley), Donna (Tori Spelling), Steve (Ian Ziering) and many more. But the most charatcter I hate is Kelly (Jennie Garth)...Malay said "mengada-ngada"..hahahha (maybe beacause I prefer Dylan 'love' Brenda).

Well, could u imagine it was 14yrs ago..where in Malaysia we only have 3 limited TV channels? No body need a HP that time and forget about internet larrr...if available..dial-up :-D

But, we still happy, enjoyed and entertained by all tv series/programmes aired every day.

I've grown up with numbers of awesome tv series and one of it is semua bulih MacGyver played by Richard Dean Anderson...What I like about MacGyver is that when faced with danger, his first reaction was always to stop for a moment & think. With a good imagination and resourcefulness, he always wins the day...Yeah! but, if u compare MacGyver with CSI...huh! ibarat langit and bumi :-O of course it is man vs technology...but worry not Grissom, u r perfectly awesome! I love u ;-P

Paling best Thurdercat, He-Man the Master of Universe , She-Ra Princess of Power & Smurf..ooolalala...I like those

That is why I keep saying to myself "It's an opportunity to experience good & bad - you will probably smile, laugh or cry when think about it years from now"

Like while I'm writing & reading this..probably u too...Hahahhhaa

Oct 16, 2008

Finally! I'm back hitting the gym since last Monday :-)
After 5 weeks break, it feels so great now that I'm able to do some cardio exercises again...miss my RPM class so much!

Now I'm back on track and my usual daily routine...[meaning - 1 scoop of rice permeal :-( ]
only thing is I'm workout everyday instead of 3-4 times a week (perhaps for another 2-3weeks)...Trust me... I've learned this after 2 weeks enjoying deliciously sinful raya dishes :-P phewwww..yummyyy

Right now I'm busy and headache of organizing my next holiday - a revisit trip to Jakarta/bandung for 5days...Aiyooo! Even though been there last year, still & really confuse in choosing a right hotel - ideally located within awesome shopping places & FOs, 4star perhaps, clean, affordable and if possible no group check-in during my stay...hehehe :-P

Yeah..I know..some people may said don't be so fancy about the hotel, but for me after the whole tiring & dusty day...at least something nice, clean & comfy is waiting for me when I'm back to rest, relax & sleep...don't u think so?...hemmmm ;-) I do :-P

I've been calling & e-mailing back & forth directly to the hotels @ jakarta & bandung asking for the room rate and getting information & advises from TA & VT. Personally, I'm prefer calling the hotel direct for the reservation. Believe or not I've managed to bargain for a suite room!? huh!
Well, I've got another 40% to finish...hopefully everything goes smooth & easy...insyallah...aminnnn :-)

..and 100% office work to do...month end is approaching daaaa! arrghhhhh :-O :-))
****pstttt- my fave cartoon HOOPS (pink cat) and YOYO (green bunny)..they are too cuteeeeee!

Oct 13, 2008

I'm arranging a gift for one of my office client for his Raya open house. Budget is around RM150. Would like to try something different rather than ordinary way of giving a hamper, fruits, cake or etc.

i'm thinking to give a vase of flower. Checked around but all nice medium size arrangement of flower is more than RM200. Ada lar yang below RM150..tapi kecik cam ciput but less quality (not worth for $) ...rasa tak baik lar plak nak bagi orang hat kecik2 ;-P

Then, i came with an idea - bought all the material (kat SSF) and arrange it myself..huh? reti ker ni? kalo tak jadi camner? tapi insyaallah dengan keconfidentnan yang i ader...bulih kot no? jeng..jeng..jeng...

The material:

After 20 patience minutes - this is the result!

Tie up the rafia string into a ribbon for a final touch to soften the look :-)

Total cost is RM136.60

Oct 10, 2008

Ginger cat: "haha! sometimes I feel very sad thinking of my stray life..."
Me: "are u sure? I saw u laughing like mad that day?!"

Glamour puss: "Oh no! I forgot to bring my shopping list! purrrrr"
Me: "See..u don't even carry a handbag...have u register for a Tesco clubcard?"
My photo
I don't remember a witch ...but there was a black adorable cat who sat down beside me and told me that "I'm a cat who has strong legs, beautiful heart and the ♥ of thrills, I like to climb things - including hills. I ♥ pink and I ♥ cat and again the black cat told me that I'm a lovely friendly Pienkcat"