Dec 29, 2009

OMG! im thrilled and super excited!!!
I got a priceless present on a Christmas day (please don't get me wrong, I don't celebrate christmas, but i received this coincidentally on 25th Dec)
..... A Magic Book! yeyyyyy! :D

It contains 700 western recipes and 500 over pages. Goshhhh! can't wait to try all..yumm..yummm..

As you notice, i've been cooking and posting here on my sweet lil blog various of western dishes lately...i don't know why but i just love cooking them...SIMPLE yet tasty and healthy i guess :)
and with this book, i wish i could do more and treasure every yummy pages of it.

What else i could say? Im absolutely thrilled and super exciteddddd! xoxoxoxo

Dec 21, 2009

Horeyyy!!! See my books up there? hahaha ;D
Waiting its turn to be read by me....Im extremely happy with all these collection sebab dah almost 2months im out of supplies.

My fav book shop at 1U dah tutup...huhuhu...and I found another great store at Amcorp Mall ;)
Apalagi, cek borong sumer buku ni untuk bacaan waktu senggang ^_____^

And these two are special gift from k.tah. She grabbed these at KLIA...maybe sebab tak tahan dok dengaq cek dok mumbling pasai i got nothing to read...yeaahhh! Thanks a bunch to k.tah!
(kalo abih nih, beli yang baru lagi ek? huhuhu)

Currently, im reading Rage of Angels by Uncle Sid...whooot whooot! Fantastic boombastic story. I love the characters of Jennifer Parker, Adam Warner & Michael Moretti...goshhh! :D
Will let u guys know about it whenever I wrap it over ok?

To all of you....what are you reading currently? OR when the last time you read a book?
hahahaha....let's figure out ^___^

Dec 13, 2009

My english kitchen is now officially open! ^__^
Today, i made another yummylicious recipe; roast beef with spagetthi..yumyumm
Don't believe it?  Ask my darling meow-meoww...she stops meooow for the entire day coz of the yummy smell...hahahah

It's sunday and as usual, malas-malass mode at home... been thinking to cook spagetthi since few days back, but just got no time...eeemmm...Woke up this morning and defrost the beef..Able to marinated for about 40minutes...(tak leh tunggu lama lagi...lapaq! hahahah). Then bake in an oven for 1.5hrs (pretty normal... Malaysian loves well done meat)

In a pan, saute garlic & onion in olive oil and butter until fragrant. Add tomatoes and roast beef sauce together with salt & pepper for taste.

Add spagetthi, basil and english herbs (optional) and mix well for 5minutes.
...and it's done!  A simple, savory and stir-fry fast dish yet super tasty!

Plating the spagetthi and served with sliced roasted beef. The beef was so juicy and tender...yumyumm!
Seriously i tell that this is the most delicious spagetthi i've ever taste in my life! wow!
that was sooooooo mega statement there! lol
yeaaa...and it was real too :) thumbs up to me!
Don't even bother to compare it with the one at the restaurants or hotels....way too far..mine is the best...huhuhu..and i know coz i made it ^__________^

And as my habit, i always put aside all my kitchen waste for my plants :)
Do nothing,  just throw them into your pot and it will fertilize your plant in natural way.

Dec 11, 2009

i know it looks so dam beautiful...ahaks!
...went to the store and saw beautiful fresh raspberry and so happy to have it.

The ingredients:

fresh milk
raisins & raspberry
4tbs sugar*

1tbs corn starch*
2 eggs*
4tbs butter*


Tear breads into chunks and place into baking dish and soak with fresh milk for 30minutes.

On separate bowl, mix all the ingredients* well

Add raspberry & raisins

Pour over bread and baked for 60minutes until pudding is set and browned.

Tara! Sprinkle some fine white sugar for presentation
What are you waiting for? go and make yourself a beautiful bread pudding now ^________^

Nov 23, 2009

This is continuation of my homemade meatball.
Of course those meatballs were done to complete this pasta dish. It goes well together...don't you think so?

This time, I used bowties pasta instead of normal spaghetti. Tried to be varieties tho :-)
How to cook? ahhh...just copycat from the bolognaise spaghetti dish...but instead of adding the mince meat into the gravy, I turned it into meatball.

Then, i prepare a 5minutes salad: sweet pea & onion salad.
I've never heard, read or seen this menu anywhere else before, I created myself :-)
but not bad tho...hahahah

Clean, rinse and steam the sweet peas for 3minutes. Put into bowl
Add sliced onion
Add salt, pepper & olive oil and mix well...
(i told u..it's a 5minute dish)

and that's it, a complete set of my lunch menu ^__^*

Nov 22, 2009

I made this meatball for my bowties pasta. Kinda easy than i thought and of course it was a huge success too :-)

The ingredients:

Minced beef meat
2 cloves minced garlic
1 mince onion
1 egg
Bread crumbs
Salt & pepper to taste
English herb leaves (optional)


Mixed all ingredients well and
chill in refrigerator for 1hour for easier shaping.

Then, make a golf ball size meatball

and fried them under slow heat.

yeahh! my homemade meatballs is ready! :-)

Nov 21, 2009

Oleh kerana permintaan yang sangat hebat, again am cooking rosemary grilled chicken :-)
maybe sebab sedap kot?? ahaks! and it's quite easy to prepare too.

I used chicken ribs instead of whole chicken...just look at the final result..wow! super yumyum!!

and to company this awesome dishes of course my pineapple & onion salad.
Again, it was a huge success and sedapnya hingga menjilat jari ^__^
Thumbs up to me! ahaks!!!

Nov 16, 2009

Hi all! another super easy recipe for pasta.
Thinking of what to eat with limited sources inside my freezer had given me an idea of this simple dish.

1 onion -finely chopped
2 cloves garlic -finely sliced
3 tomatoes -cut into smal cube
3ts Heinz tomato ketchup
spiral pasta -boiled & rinsed
salt, pepper, oregano, rosemary for taste

Add butter and olive oil in a pan
Add garlic. Cook until fragrant & golden brown
Add onion & tomatoes simmer for 10minutes
Add tomato ketchup, salt, pepper and herbs. Simmer for another 5-8minutes.
It's ready!
pssttttt!....It would be more lovely if with beef/chicken meatball....yum..yummmm

and still there was plenty of time to bake a chocolate cake! wow!

Toothsome homemade cake....a sinful dish over the weekend...yeah!

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